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Multimedia Presentations
PowerPoint in the Classroom Tutorial

New to Multimedia Presentations? Here's a step-by-step tutorial you can follow and take your students through! Have fun!

 Forget PowerPointlessness!  Multimedia applications like PowerPoint and Keynote can be the basis of truly creative and content-rich projects.  Using the advanced features of PowerPoint, our students now record their voices and turn their presentations into QuickTime movies.  Action buttons and hyperlinks within slides allow students some of the flexible authoring they would find in a web design application without the steep learning curve.

 A teacher-created template can provide "scaffolding" for students who struggle with the basics of adding content to their slides.  Students with a more independent learning style can quickly complete the primary tasks of the project and go onto the creative elements. 

Take your students and PowerPoint out of the routine!  Some examples and directions to inspire you are included here. 



4th Grade Character Education Template

Click for a library of PowerPoint Jeopardy games!